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Dudley’s day out!

We made it out to Olalla Lake to do a short little hike with the neighbor and his dogs. No car ride in the VW Rabbit yet! I brought the harness for lifting assistance but he wasn’t having any of that. We did lift him into the back seat of my neighbor’s truck and he actually rode in the truck without getting too freaked out. The back seats are always left down for the dogs to have a platform so he was able to sit and lay down. He did really good with the trail, a few hills and some big stairs that he needed a little help up.

There is a gravel road that goes around the lake (no car access) that is flatter. We will take that route next time so they can have a longer walk. My biggest worry with the trail we took is that it was right next to the lake and was muddy. I didn’t see it being very fun if he slid off the bank into the water. We are going to start walking out there on the weekend as weather permits! Dudley’s ride home was zero shaking or panting. He even laid down and rested his head on his buddy Phynn (the German Shorthair)

Button: a tripawd up for adoption

Button is from the rescue that I got Dudley from. I told them that apparently they were meant to have a tripawd at their rescue because Button showed up on the streets a few months after I adopted Dudley from them. Just putting this out there in case someone has a home for him <3

The people at Corridor Rescue are amazing and wonderful. The 14 miles of area they rescue from is horrific. They not only rescue but feed and monitor about 150 dogs that have been living on the streets. They will rescue the worst case situations because they don’t have the room to rescue them all. Any dog that they bring to their rescue that isn’t able to find a foster home has a home until they find their forever home.

Harness woes

I’ve been struggling to try and get Dudley used to wearing his flagline harness. I’ve put it on him and just had him wear it while laying down with treats…He has a major issue with harnesses and any sort of lifting motions. We went for a little walk today with him wearing the harness, he acted like he was wearing skin tight jeans even though the straps are really loose. He lost all ability to walk at more than a snails pace and certainly wasn’t going to try and pee wearing that contraption. I took it off for a little bit and “hallelujah, he could walk!!!” But when I attempted to put it back on, he growled and tried to bolt on me. Fortunately I had kept the leash attached to his collar. I will work on conditioning him to wear the harness but will keep it in the reserves for traveling in my mom’s car. A lot of the past trauma is starting to surface, which is fine…I can work with that. From what I have read, a lot of dealing with rescue dogs/cats is being prepared for those issue that come to surface when they start to feel comfortable. For me, I don’t know what he’s experienced when he was living on the streets. I don’t know if he had a home before and was dumped. He most likely wasn’t a bait dog, no facial scars.

But even with all of the emotional issues and triggers…I look at where he is tonight. Right next to my chair sleeping on a chair pad that is next to his bed…because we had my mom’s small dog over here for about an hour. My dad is starting to experience age related issues with memory, etc. Their dog is going through the exact same thing and they are constantly at odds with each other. I told my mom to bring the dog over and I would keep her with me for an hour so that Dad could do his routine without the annoyance of the dog whining and grunting, etc. She came over, and paced circles behind the baby gate that I had set up. Dudley doesn’t share his bed so I sectioned off an area and put down my chair pad so she would lay on it if she calmed down. After she went next door, Dudley settled down on the chair pad and is still there. Even with me putting the evil harness on him and making him walk down the road like Cersei Lannister…he still loves me <3

Canine enrichment facebook page

So I belong to Shay Kelly’s canine enrichment group on facebook. Today someone posted some questions for the group about their dog who was an emergency amputee situation. Several people mentioned this site and me (of course) so hopefully that will spread even more awareness. It was awesome to see how many people chimed in as parents of amputee dogs. I shared that it was important to scratch the ears and neck of the amputation side! And that the muscle memory is still there when a male dog pees or if you itch that spot that makes the back leg move 😉 I can’t believe how much I have learned in just 4 months of adopting Dudley!

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